The graphical media download tool

In brief

NomNom is an application for downloading and streaming media from YouTube and other similar media websites that require flash to view the media content. See also the gallery.

How it works

NomNom works as a relay for other applications, such as media players, passing parsed media stream URLs to them. Media streaming or downloading can be started by dropping an URL onto the application window. This can could be done, for example, with a web browser.

More than a downloader

NomNom currently supports either streaming and downloading. It can also display YouTube feeds. NomNom is intended to be a cross-platform application with the focus on Unix-like systems. See here for the prerequisites.
2011-11-06 NomNom 0.3.1 released
2011-10-30 NomNom 0.3.0 released
2011-10-21 NomNom 0.2.0 released
Grab videos from YouTube feeds
Extensive website support (40+)
Stream or download media
Flash free